Women’s Deodorant


Yes, equality might be in, and old stereotyping of the differences between men and women might be out. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are differences inherent in both men and women, besides the most obvious ones. This is also one of the reasons why you can find separate men’s and women’s deodorant.

Women are most definitely built different to a man, and this shows in just about every aspect of life, from the field of sports to different emotional responses to situations to the way that women think. This is not a bad thing, it is just…different.

And when it comes to creating something as simple as a good deodorant for women, you will find that the needs vary for these as well, from those which are the basis for a good men’s deodorant. This is not discrimination, this is just basic fact. Most women only need minimal protection from sweat and sweat induced odor, while most men need something stronger to help them in their daily lives.

Of course these cover only the broadest spectrum of men and women both. Some women find that the women’s deodorant ranges available to them, is simply not strong enough, no matter whether the deodorant claims to be extra strong or not. In these cases many women will resort to using a strong men’s deodorant.

And some men will find that they only need the most minimal of protection, and although most wouldn’t be caught dead with women’s deodorant in their bathroom cabinet, they will use something which is as light as some women’s deodorant brands.

Of course this is also another reason for there being women’s deodorant as well as men’s deodorants. And this is also one of the reasons why men avoid these like the plague: The flowery, woman-smelling scent, which drives a man to take cover if ever it comes his way!

And while there are gender neutral deodorants scents in both the men’s and the women’s deodorant range, can you really see a man taking the time to stand around in the deodorant aisle and sniff one to make sure that he likes it? Very few men would do this, which is another reason why there are separate men’s and women’s deodorant ranges.

Of course the biggest reason is marketing. As evinced by the different scents that entice men and women both, it is also true, that a man would probably not buy a pastel pink colored deodorant, whereas although a women would buy something that is darker colored, unconsciously she would be enticed more by the “femininely shaded” deodorant.

There are probably numerous other reasons for there being different men’s and women’s deodorant, but the most relevant one has already been covered: men and women are different, in every way possible. And there is no getting around that fact no matter how hard we try to pretend that there we are the same in just about every aspect.

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