Underarm Odor – The Facts and Myths Of Your Smelly Armpits


Offensive underarm body odor can be an embarrassing problem for many people.  It affects all inter-personal relationships, their friendships, attractiveness, and careers.  After all who wants to hang around someone who just plain stinks?

There are many mistaken beliefs about underarm odor so sufferers often go about treating it all the wrong way.

Keep reading for our “Underarm Odor Myth Busters!”

Underarm Odor Myth #1 – Sweat Stinks!

We are all used to associating sweaty armpits with offensive body odor, but actually sweat doesn’t have much of a smell at all!

In fact, sweat is primarily water and is nearly odorless.  The odor is produced by bacteria which live on the surface of the skin.

The bacteria break down the sweat, and the waste product is responsible for the underarm odor.

Sweaty armpits provide an ideal breeding ground for the odor-producing bacteria.

Good personal hygiene plays an essential part in preventing underarm odor.  You should shower or bath after any activity that causes you to sweat a lot.

Underarm Odor Myth #2 – Antiperspirants Are The Solution

underarm-sweatSince the cause of the underarm odor is the bacteria, it makes sense that if we reduce the amount of sweat then we can prevent the bacteria that depend on it.

Since antiperspirants are able to reduce excessive sweating, they must be the answer – right?  No.  Antiperspirants have their limitations and draw-backs.

First, the aluminium salts contained within antiperspirants are how they are able block up the sweat ducts to reduce visible sweat.   These salts can cause skin irritation and inflammation.   They should never be used on broken skin, or for groin or facial sweating.

Secondly, sweating is how our body naturally regulates it’s core temperature.  When we forcefully prevent  the ability to sweat by clogging up the sweat ducts with antiperspirants, we are literally fighting against our own body.  Remember, skin is the body’s largest organ.  Do you really want to be rubbing all those chemicals into it long term?

Underarm Odor Myth #3 – You Have To Live With It

So we want to reduce excessive sweating, prevent underarm odor, and we want to do it without resorting to antiperspirants. Fortunately for us, there are many natural treatments we can employ here.

As mentioned earlier, proper hygiene is a key component. If excessive sweating is a problem for you then shower at least twice a day.

Next, you need to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of plain water.  As much as it pains me to say, caffeine is also a contributor to body odor, so cut down.

Essential oils such as rose and mint can be added to bath water.  They relax and revive the body and mind, and also help control unpleasant underarm odor.

Rock mineral deodorants are a decent alternative to spray-on and roll-ons.  Rock mineral (also called crystal) don’t block up the pores or simply mask the odor, they work by removing the sweat from the skin and prevent bacteria from forming.

For the “do-it-yourself types” a home-made deodorant can be made by diluting a few drops of essential oils in 30 mls of water.

Baby powder, talc, and even baking soda can be applied to your underarms as a substitute for antiperspirant.

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