Sweating Hands


Have you had that sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach when you meet someone for the very first time? You go to shake their hands and realize too late that you have sweating hands! This is a potentially embarrassing situation and if it happens even once, you will forever be aware that it can happen again.

And in this day and age when everything needs to be picture perfect and things such as sweating need to be hidden, it is the height of embarrassment to have something as uncool as sweating hands, damp palms or anything else like that.

In fact, if you suffer from the problem of sweating hands, you might find yourself going to unnatural lengths to secure a future free of sweating hands. Some people try the use of antiperspirants on their hands, but this doesn’t always yield the result that you might want.

Besides which, it can leave a sticky residue on your hands that interferes with your day to day life, more so even than sweating hands can! Of course rather than resorting to the use of antiperspirants and things, you might first want to look at changing your dietary habits, as this can also have a big impact on how your body sweats.

Or you might have to resort to stronger tactics to get rid of sweating hands as it could be genetic and not completely controllable by changing your diet etc. If this is the case, you can consult with your doctor to find out a viable solution to your problems.

There are other things in your life that may be causing you to have sweating hands, other than genetics, and these you will need to ferret out. One of the most common culprits however, is that of hand and body lotions and creams.

That said, a little bit of dampness indicates that you are healthy. Completely dry skin is not good for you either, and one of the reasons why people make use of creams and things. Just don’t go overboard with these things, sweating hands aren’t always a product of health problem – it could just be a reaction to your hands trying to breathe beneath all that cloying cream.

If you wear creams or things, you might also want to stop your usage of them, or at any rate, find a light cream that will only give you a minimal coverage. Heavier creams can contribute to your sweating hands and make things worse. If you use cream on your body, then after applying the cream make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, to get the cream off. Remember that every little helps.

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