Sweat Rash – Getting that itch again?


Miliaria, or sweat rash as it is commonly called is a major condition that is related to excessive sweating.  Sweat rash is very itchy and can develop on anyone regardless of their age or the climate that they live in.  Young children and babies are especially susceptible to sweat rash, particularly in the diaper region, due to the sweat glands not being fully developed yet.

Staphylococcus epidermidis, the same bacteria that causes acne, can infect the pores of the sweat glands and the resulting dead skin will clog up the pores.  Moisture produced by the sweat glands will then get trapped under the skin, causing reddish bumps and blisters to form.  These blisters become very uncomfortable and must be treated with topical antibiotics.  Otherwise secondary infections can occur.  The body also has a small chance of overheating when your pores are blocked up, because it’s natural cooling system has been interfered with.  In extreme cases sweat that is trapped under the skin can begin leaking between the layers of skin forming lesions on the surface.

Miliaria profunda, the most severe form of sweat rash can suddenly appear within hours after a sweat-producing activity, and can subside just as quickly.  This type of rash tends to display a more flesh colored appearance rather than the typical reddish coloring of regular miliaria.

There is no standard treatment for sweat rash apart from topical creams.  Limiting sweat producing activities, and keeping your environment cool (perhaps by a conditioning), is the best way to avoid sweat rashes.  Also clothing should be loose fitting, and the fabric should be cotton or silk.  This promotes good air circulation around the body and will minimize the risk of a rash outbreak.

If you frequently suffer from sweat rashes, then practice good hygiene by taking frequent showers to help loosen the dead skin that clog up your pores.  Mild antibacterial soaps can also help control the population of bacteria which aggravate rashes.

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