Sweat Problems


Sweat problems beset every human being on the planet. The way that we handle it however, is what sets people apart. This is not a class distinction nor a race distinction, it is merely a look at how different people of all castes and creeds handles what is a universal problem.

If we take it from the bottom up, we come across the person who just doesn’t care that he may have any sweat problems. He goes about his business not bothering that sweat may be pouring off his brow. This type of person may bathe infrequently, but what sets him apart is that he is comfortable in his own skin.

Or on the flip side, you have the person who acknowledges that sweat is a natural occurrence, and who goes about his daily business knowing that he is sweating profusely. The difference here however, lies in the mindset of the two individuals.

While the one might prefer to go for days without seeing hide nor hair of clean bathing water, the second person will go about his business knowing that at the end of day all of his sweat problems will be eradicated when he has a good shower. This person too, is comfortable with himself.

Then you have the person who is marginally alright with sweat, it being a natural process and all of that, but who still prefers not to sweat too profusely. This person deals with their sweat problems by having a regular hygiene ritual and complementing it with a deodorant or antiperspirant.

The next category of person, is the one who absolutely refuses to sweat, who is horrified if even a small droplet of what can be perceived as sweat, lands on their clothes, and who tends to smother themselves in deodorants, antiperspirants and perfumes. As you can see, this person tends to try and kill any sweat problems they might have.

Then you have the latest category of people. These are the breakaway people who are getting into the groove of all things new-age and green and who deal with their sweat problems on a completely natural level. These people accept that sweating is a part of their life, and they duly take it in stride when their clothes might take on a sweat stained appearance.

However, since they prefer to keep things fresh so to speak, they will have a daily hygiene ritual, which is then complemented with the use of such natural products as essential oils, crystal rocks and other natural deodorants. This person will sweat, but not smell of their sweat.

As you can see there are a number of different ways in which different people deal with their sweat problems. Which one do you fall into?

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