Strong Antiperspirant


Different people have different bodies, which deals with things in different ways. This is true for anything and everything, including sweating, which is one reason, why there are so many different options available on how to deal with it. For instance, some people need a strong antiperspirant, whereas some people need a very light, barely there antiperspirant.

It is this very diversity which makes the commercial deodorant and antiperspirant market, go around. Advertisers, and deodorant and antiperspirant producers alike capitalize on these differences and create mild deodorants and antiperspirants for those of us who only sweat moderately or not at all, and create strong antiperspirant and deodorant brands for those of us who sweat profusely.

The burning question here though, is all of this merely an advertising gimmick to get us to buy their products. Are we in essence buying the same deodorant or antiperspirant, only packaged in a different form? The question is unanswerable by a lay person, considering the staggering number of different deodorants and antiperspirants available on the market.

If, hypothetically speaking of course, a number of them are the same, merely packaged differently and marketed to us as strong antiperspirant, or light antiperspirant, would we then be able to tell the difference between the two when we’re using them? Or would our minds be full of all the advertising campaigns that each of the deodorants have associated with them.

Although this is a difficult question to ascertain, part of it can be answered quite simply. Yes, in some instances we can tell the difference between certain products. Most of the time however, you will find that advertising has done the job for us, and if we take a men’s strong antiperspirant vs. a women’s light antiperspirant, we will feel that there is a difference – even if the product ingredients are, both same and in the same quantities.

This is called advertising and it works miracles. Some people might object to it on purely moral and ethical grounds, but that is course is up to you decide. Besides, how many of us are going to trawl through the supermarket deodorant aisle looking at the various listed ingredients on the product labeling?

That however, is beside the point. If a strong antiperspirant is what you want and a strong antiperspirant is what the labeling says it is, then where’s the problem? If it looks, acts and works like a strong antiperspirant, then isn’t what you’re using a strong antiperspirant?

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