Facial Sweating


Excessive facial sweating creates a unique set of problems and requires a different set of treatments from excessive sweating of other parts of the body.  Facial sweating, or blushing, is usually encountered when the person is in a stressful social situation.  It manifest itself even when of the body parts do not exhibit excessive sweating problems.  The disorder is usually first encountered around puberty, when the body tries to readjust to the changing levels of hormones.

Facial sweating, unlike other areas of excessive sweating, does not necessarily indicate a more serious medical condition — with the exception of being a possible symptom of adrenal dysfunction.

Because antiperspirants cannot be used on the face, anticholinergic medicines are usually the first suggested treatment.  These medicines are often prescribed in tandem with a mild sedative, because excessive facial sweating is often triggered by stress.

Some sufferers have practiced biofeedback or meditation as a way of lowering their stress levels naturally.  However such alternative treatment has not been scientifically proven to work by itself.

One surgical procedure that is no longer common, but was once used extensively is endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS).  During this procedure the sympathetic nerves which control the sweat glands are clamped off from within the body.  It is no longer recommended to remove the sympathetic nerves because it can lead to a face with less mobility, decreased facial sensitivity, and the body will also compensate the loss of sweat-generated cooling by increasing sweat production in other sweat glands throughout the body.  Therefore this surgery can often create more problems than it cures.

There are many types of hyperhidrosis, but excessive facial sweating is usually the most difficult to treat effectively without leaving unwanted side effects.

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