Excessive Underarm Sweating


Underarm sweating is a normal function of the body’s temperature regulation system.  However, about 3% of the population experience a condition known as axillary hypherhidrosis – or severe armpit sweating.  This hyperhidrosis condition causes sufferers to produce large quantities of sweat, and the underarms literally drip with moisture.  Axillary hyperhidrosis is resistant to almost all types of deodorants and antiperspirants.  Very often people who suffer from this condition also suffer from excessive hand sweating as well.  The first signs of excessive armpit sweating usually appear around puberty.  This is largely due to the hormonal imbalances of the body as the person moves towards maturity.

Typically the first line of treatment for axillary underarm sweating is the use of prescription strength aluminum chloride hexahydrate antiperspirants.  For some sufferers antiperspirants prove ineffective, and they have to progress towards Botox injections.

In extreme cases a specialist may recommend a surgical procedure known as curettage.  This treatment involves scraping and destroying the sweat gland intensive areas of the skin.  This medical procedure results in scarring and a small decrease in the flexibility of the underarm area.

There is also a less invasive treatment called ionophoresis, and which are specially designed machine sends low voltage electrical current through the affected skin area.  This shocks the nerve endings into a non-functioning state.  Ionophoresis is only mildly painful but the results are only temporary.  Therefore, it needs to be repeated according to a basic schedule.

Anyone suffering from embarrassing underarm sweating can take some simple measures to help minimize the effects of this disorder.  Practicing good personal hygiene is one of the necessary first steps.  Wearing dark clothing can help mask any visible stains that appear around sweaty armpits.  You can also keep an extra change of clothes on hand so that you can change into them during your day if necessary.  Stress and overexertion also plays a role in excessive sweating.  So try to minimize the stress levels in your life as these can trigger excesses sweating even in people without hyperhidrosis.

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