Crystal Deodorant


If you’re looking for a good alternative that is also natural, to replace your normal deodorants, you might want to take a look at a crystal deodorant rock. These all-natural deodorants are perfect for the person who wants to combat sweat caused odor.

First of all, you might want to get rid of the number one misconception regarding sweat and sweat induced odor. Yes, in a very broad sense sweat is the reason for you to get that nasty odor, but sweat is not the cause behind the odor.

It merely presents bacteria living on your body, the reason to thrive in these sweaty and damp conditions. In turn, it is these bacteria, or rather the waste product from these bacteria which causes you to gain a foul smelling odor when you sweat.

And this is where crystal deodorant rocks work to help you. Unlike antiperspirants which tries to control your sweating by clogging your pores, and unlike normal deodorants which only cover up any odor which might occur, the crystal deodorant rock works by doing neither of these things.

Instead, the crystal deodorant works by eliminating the odor producing bacteria. This is neither a cover up of any odor, nor does it clog your pores and prevent you from sweating. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of still having sweat stains on your clothing, then the crystal deodorant might not be for you, but if all you want is a way to control just how bad you can begin to smell, then this type of deodorant is probably for you.

There are also a few things working in favor of the crystal deodorant rock other than the fact that it helps to eliminate odor causing bacteria. The first one being that it is relatively inexpensive. It just happens to be the third mist abundant material on this planet and is therefore not in short supply!

The second thing is that it is most definitely long lasting. Not only in the department of odor protection, but also relative to its usage. A normal crystal deodorant stick will last anywhere upwards of a year for most people, with regular and frequent usage.

It is relatively simply to apply – all you need to do is to either dampen or wet the area that needs deodorant protection, apply the crystal deodorant stick to the area as you would any normal deodorant, and then rinse off the stick in preparation for the next use.

And best of all, by using a crystal deodorant you’re keeping the gamut of harmful chemicals which can be found in normal deodorants and antiperspirants, away from you for good. Crystal deodorant is really all that you will need to help you fight sweaty odor.

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