Armpit Sweat – Discover The Best Way to Stop Armpit Sweat


So your sweaty armpits have caused you to spend another embarrasing day marinating in your own odorous sweat?

Disguising it by wearing black shirts, pouring on deodorant, wiping yourself down with tissues, and constantly showering have become part of your daily routine. But they are not the secret to stopping sweaty armpits!

Find out how to get your life back and permanently end your misery.

When it comes to stopping armpit sweat you have many options depending on the severity of your sweaty armpits, the costs involved, and the level of risk that you are willing to take.

Antiperspirants for Armpit Sweat

Basic antiperspirants can be bought from the supermarket, and are usually the first “treatment” that people try for their sweaty armpits.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum-based compounds which block up the sweat ducts.  So, in effect your glands still produce sweat but now the sweat can’t come to the surface because the path through your skin has been “bogged” up.  In actuality, this harms the body because the sweat is part of the body’s natural cooling mechanism.

Antiperspirants can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and should not be used on broken skin, the face, or the groin.  There are also claims that antipersirants can cause breast cancer, but the scientific establishment are not all in agreement on that one.

Antipersirant – Results: Low,   Cost: Low,  Risk: Medium

Botox for Armpit Sweat

Botox – yes the very same technique used to get rid of wrinkles – is also an option for treating sweaty armpits.

Botox is the marketing-friendly nickname for Botulinum Toxin type A – and is actually a deadly neurotoxin.  Small amounts of botox are injected into the underarm causing the nerves that stimulate sweating to become temporarily blocked.

Side effects include intense localised pain, and flu-like symptoms.  Now, if that doesn’t sound inviting enough also consider that the results only last 2 months then you have to go back for another $300 treatment, again and again.

Botox – Results: Medium,   Cost: Very High,  Risk: Medium

Natural Methods to Stop Sweaty Armpits

Suprisingly, natural methods to stop excessive armpit sweating do exist but are often overlooked.  Thousands of people have discovered these natural remedies, and have used them to treat armpit hyperhidrosis.

The exact remedies can range from dietary changes, herbal sweat remedies, clothing suggestions for sweat prevention, and simple changes to your daily routine that affect how your body’s sweat system behaves throughout the day.

Natural Methods – Results: Medium,   Cost: Low,  Risk: Low

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