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I suffered from an excessive underarm sweating problem for years.  Sweat would build up in my pits and form hidious sweat marks.  The problem affected many aspects of my life: my self-confidence plummeted, relationships drifted apart, and my productivity suffered.

I tried in vain to discover an escape hatch – antiperspirants, electronic devices, medications.  Nothing worked.  I was told invasive surgery was my last resort.

In a last ditch effort to avoid going under the knife I scoured the net looking for anyone who had beaten the problem without resorting to surgery.

By luck, or perhaps fate, I found someone who not only beat the problem but was willing to share the secrets.

I was totally suprised by his method to stop excessive sweating naturally.  It was almost too simple.

Skeptical at first, I had nothing to lose (except the sweat) and decided to follow his advice.

What resulted was nothing short of a miracle.

On a recent summer picnic I began reflecting at how much my life has changed since discovering the cure.

  • No more ugly sweatshirts – I can now wear my favorite colors without fear of embarrassing stains.
  • My confidence has soared – no more cruel jokes like “Hey snowman, get out of the sun – you’re melting!”
  • I’m much closer with my friends now – no longer am I too ashamed to hug them or dance.
  • I’m simply dry!

That day I realized the secret needed to be shared.  I decided to create this site to guide any remaining poor souls out to the cure for excessive sweating.

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